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Material Test Standards Documentation

Handy-Shield MAXX™, Trap Gear™, Soft PVC Insulation Material

Fire Safety

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  • ASTM E84-07. 25 Flame/450 Smoke Class A Material Tested
  • ASTM E84 Is a Referenced & Adopted Standard of the International Building Code

Thermal Conductivity Thermal Resistance

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  • ASTM C177. Thermal Conductivity 0.028 (K-Value)
  • ASTM C177. Thermal Resistance 0.504 (R-Value)

Thermal Resistance

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  • ASTM C518. Thermal Conductivity 0.358 (avg.)
  • ASTM C518. Thermal Resistance 0.346 (avg.)
  • ASTM C518. Thermal Resistance 2.790 ("R" Per Inch)
  • Density 21.61 (PCF)

Material Durability

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  • Durable PVC Material
  • Tested for Long Term Degradation
  • ASTM G153. Weatherization & UV
  • ASTM D412. Tensile Strength and Elongation
  • ASTM D570. Water Absorption

Fungal/Microbial Resistance

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  • ASTM G21. Interior and Exterior surface Tested with a Result of -0- Fungal

Laws Codes & Standards Compliance

  • ADA 4.19.4, ICC/ANSI A117.1, ADAAG 606.5, ABA 606.5
  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • General Services Administration (GSA) P-100
  • 2009 US Army Corps of Engineers/Military Facilities Specification (ASTM E84)
  • UPC/IAPMO Material & Property Standard PS94, 2008

Fire Safety for ADA & Building Code Compliance

Department of Justice ADA Final Rule 2010

  • ASTM E84-07. 25 Flame/450 Smoke Class A Material Tested
  • ASTM E84 Is a Referenced & Adopted Standard of the International Building Code

The Department, as a member of the Access Board, was an active participant in the lengthy process of developing the 2004 ADAAG, on which the 2010 Standards are based. As part of this update, the Board has made its guidelines more consistent with model building codes, such as the IBC, and industry standards. It coordinated extensively with model code groups and standard-setting bodies throughout the process so that differences could be reconciled. As a result, an historic level of harmonization has been achieved that has brought about improvements to the guidelines, as well as to counterpart provisions in the IBC and key industry standards, including those for accessible facilities issued through the American National Standards Institute.

Building Code (IBC) Chapter 11 Accessibility.
1101.1 Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall control the design and construction of facilities for accessibility to physically disabled persons.
1101.2 Design. Buildings and facilities shall be designed and constructed to be accessible in accordance with this code and ICC A117.1.

International Building Code (IBC) 2006 Chapter 8 Interior Finishes
806.5 Material other than foam plastic used as interior trim shall have a minimum Class C flame spread and smoke –developed index when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 as described in Section 803.1. TRIM-Picture molds, chair rails, baseboards, handrails, door and window frames and similar decorative or protective material used in fixed applications. *All trim must be a minimum of Class C. Combustible trim may not exceed 10 percent of the area of the aggregate wall or ceiling area. *ICC staff opinion

Design & Construction Responsibility
Compliance with the ADA is ‘non-delegable’ in that any parties in the design and construction of a building or facility cannot ‘insulate himself from liability by relinquishing responsibility to another party.
"Everyone who participates in the design and construction of a building shares responsibility to follow the law," added Bill Lann Lee, Assistant Attorney General, US v. Days Inn, Dept of Justice Agreement.

Whole Building Design Guide
National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)
Providing equal access means ensuring all individuals can make use of transportation, buildings and facilities, programs and services, employment opportunities, and technology. It also means offering all users the same provisions for privacy, security, and safety.
Providing equal access is required, to varying degrees, in order to meet applicable building codes, accessibility standards, and accessibility guidelines.