Engineering Smart Solutions

 The Mushroom FlangeTM by Plumberex
Gives pipes a recessed look and finishes off the ends of:
  • roof drain lines/down spouts
  • direct vent water heater lines
  • exhaust/vent lines
  • overflow lines
  • condensation lines
  • retaining wall over-flow lines
  • weephole lines for perimeter walls
Available in both ABS and PVC, the Mushroom Flange TM is
also perfect for finishing off the new side-wall vent heaters,
which use 3" PVC pipes for venting and air intake.

The Grate Prevents:
  • rodents from nesting or entering building
  • leaf build-up
  • bird nesting
  • foreign objects from being stuffed into pipe
Installs Easily in Minutes:

Simply cut the pipe 1/4" outside of the wall and glue the flange to the pipe. No need to cut the pipe inside of the wall.


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