The Floor Sink Carrier TM by Plumberex

Acts as a caddy for floor sink installations. As such, it eliminates the hassle of taping metal rebars during groundwork to estimate where sink placements meet floor elevations. Engineered with the plumber in mind, the Floor Sink Carrier was designed by plumbing professionals who know the industry.


  • Easy to meet floor elevations
  • Professional-looking installations
  • Installs easily in minutes
  • Saves labor/cuts installation time by 80%
  • Safety rebars secure floor sink permanently in place
  • Quick screw-ons eliminate need for costly and clumsy tape or wire configurations
  • Fits all floor sinks with 2", 3" & 4" outlets
  • Complies with metal-to-metal building/soil codes
  • Hassle-free elevation adjustments
  • Easy on plumber's back by eliminating prolonged weight transports of heavy sinks
  • 3/8" to 1/2" rebars may be used
  • Available in ABS plastic, the Floor Sink Carrier is perfect for laying fixtures in footing areas.


For professional, secure, hassle-free floor installations, furnish and install the Floor Sink Carrier manufactured by Plumberex Specialty Products, Inc.